Friday, December 12, 2008

Inauguration Day can't come fast enough...

I've worked in Washington, DC for the past 6 years. I can honestly say the motivation in the Federal Government is pretty low. The people at the Department of Interior have been depressed, the people at the non-profits are broke, and the people trying to make the world a better place just feel defeated. Now I'm worried all that momentum from the election is going to fade away. So, play the YouTube clip, find your inner mojo... and let's go clean out the jerks out of the government... (that means you, Blagojevich! Your name even sounds like someone just hurled.) Plus, I love that this clip included a little Newsies action. Awesome.


  1. I know, isn't it great? I love the Muppets part and that they DIDN'T include the "I'm King of the World!" shot from "Titanic." :) Thanks for stopping by my blog, and Sadiebug is simply adorable (but you knew that). :)

  2. Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog! It is great to have your support!


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