Monday, December 29, 2008

Something I never thought I would say....

"Honey, don't throw the baby Jesus across the room!"

Sadie received the Little People Nativity Set with not only the Manger, but included the Marketplace and 3 Wise Men with Traveling Caravan. The entire town of Bethlehem with camels, cows, sheep, sheepherders, merchants, wise men, Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus takes over the entire coffee table. And somehow a cow ended up where the angel should be. But Sadie has this fascination with gravity. You give her a cup of water, she turns it over to see what happens. You give her a baby Jesus and she hurls it across the room.

But right now our main concern is that she also has Noah's Ark. So now a lion, elephant and zebra are invading Bethlehem. By the time she gets to Sunday School, The Ark will invade Bethlehem after a Flood where the Whale ate Baby Jesus after snacking on Jonah. We've already messed up Easter for her.

Good Lord.


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