Sunday, April 5, 2009

I know we eat too much fast food...

... but I think the breaking point was when Sadie pointed at the Wendy's girl, not once but 3 times, and yelled, "MOMMY!!" I am a redhead, I am female... but I do not look like Wendy.

As a result, and as an effort to save some money, Charlie and I are really, really going to try cooking at home more. Our kitchen is never used and we eat mostly junk. But Sadie is getting older and I don't want to raise her on fast food. Plus... I think Charlie and I have gotten a little softer in places (okay, a lot of places.) so this might be really good for us. Our only problem is that both of us hate cooking and love eating. We'll see how this goes.


  1. That's cute! We eat way too much fast food too, need to change that before the little guy gets any older.

  2. feel your pain! We broke the fast food habit when we moved to the land of the $12 Happy Meal!

    Thanks for popping by today!


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