Monday, May 18, 2009

My uncle is known for throwing away everything.

If he has no use for it or his kids haven't claimed it, they are tossed out of the house. So I was a bit surprised when he sent me this photo a few days ago. I'm starting to wonder what kind of photos he has stocked away that we've never seen. This is of my Grandpa Francis (but we called him Grampa Fat... I forget why he was called that, he's pretty skinny.) He's the guy on the right. But we aren't sure who they guy is next to him on the left.

I really wish I had an audio recording. He was from Scotland, and from I've heard from my mom, had a pretty cool accent. Unfortunately, I never met him. He passed away before my mom was married to my dad. But I gotta say, he's pretty handsome. Grandma had good taste.

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  1. stopping by from SITS.
    i love old family photos too!!!!!
    i would try to find out if there were more you could get or at least make copies of!!!! good luck!!!


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