Saturday, May 16, 2009

Today is the 19th anniversary of Jim Henson's death...

... and I consider him a hero for what he's done for children's education and informal learning. Not to mention reminding us all about following our childlike moral compass. Be good to each other, be good to yourself, and remember: Simple is good.

In honor of Jim Henson, enjoy this classic about being alive:


  1. Genius...pure genius....nothing has ever compared to what he accomplished....Thanks so much for the comment love....sadie is adorable....

  2. and I'm thinking....your boogie monster...must have a cousin hanging at my house.....

  3. Hi there, you were above me in the comments on SITS. :)

    I have not heard that song in forever! I just had my kiddos watch it. I agree Jim Henson deserves a lot of credit.

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