Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dear Starbucks....

Oh, what happened to us, Starbucks? We used to be such good friends. Here I am on my fourth wedding anniversary, and you were the one who got me through the wedding. Every morning you were waiting for me at Union Station, ready for me to haul myself to the museum. You even were there for me after the wedding with a Grande Caramel Macchiato as my reward for writing 3 thank you notes with good handwriting. But then things turned, and we aren't the same as we used to be. I expected better, and you turned away.

First, you jacked up your prices. Then you allowed people to use your tables as their personal office, causing those of us who wanted to have a conversation to be banished to the streets. Then you even tried to take away your yummy breakfast sandwiches until I protested. But this morning was our breaking point. You, Starbucks, have changed.

I understand that relationships change. They go through ups and downs, but this morning you weren't at all who I thought you were. You made me wait 15 minutes for you to get your act together. You ignored me when I begged for my drink 3 times. And then when my tall Caramel Macchiato was handed to me... you.... you.... gave me 1/3 of the cup full of foam!!! How could you?

You were sassy and mean. You took my money and left me with a half cup of crappy coffee. I have to leave you, Starbucks.

I have a confession to make.... I had an affair with a wonderful independent coffee shop in Western Maryland this past weekend. I don't regret it. I had a luscious venti (large) hot chocolate. Yeah, Indie actually spoke English. If I wanted a small, it wasn't a tall. If it was a medium, it wasn't a grande. And when I was handed my quite affordable drink, I received a smile and love that you never gave me.

Starbucks, we're done. Don't call me and don't send me freebies. You've disappointed me one too many times.

Suck it, Starbucks,


  1. Funny post. Found you via SITS! :)

  2. Too funny...I had the same Dear Starbucks moment just this morning. Came over from SITS.

  3. Yea, they need a reality check. I need another coffee shop near me. When you are out in the boonies, the choices are seriously limited!

  4. Totally! You cracked me up! Oh, and I LOVE your blog name.


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