Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How Sadie got her name...

People love Sadie's name (or at least that's what they tell me to my face), and they always ask how we decided on it. Well, the story is more about what we decided what NOT to name her. Seeing all of the crazy names people were coming up with, we made some basic rules:
  1. The name will not be an alcoholic drink- So Bailey and Brandy were definitely out.

  2. The name will not be someone from the Real World or Road Rules challenge from MTV- As a result, Amaya, Cameron, Cory, Rachel, Ruthie, Robin, Kaia, Arissa, Brynne, Elka, Genesis, Montana and most definitely Trishelle... were all out.

The name will not be a season or month- Autumn, June, May, and April were therefore, out of the running.

After all that, we were walking through the mall one day and I said, "Sadie!" And Charlie agreed that we had never known a crazy wackjob Sadie, or a mean Sadie, and to be honest, neither of us knew anyone named Sadie. Then we had to find a nice middle name. This involved the "BLANK BLANK, cut that shit out!" test. Sadie Angelica rolled off the tongue easily.

So, Sadie Angelica was named.

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