Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Finally, my very own blog....

Many of you have been following Sadie's blog for awhile now, but I thought it was time to have my own blog. Sadie is teaching me a lot about layouts and HTML and Blogger Gadgets. So I thought I would finally put them to use.

So, why Indiana Joynes and the Temple of Motherhood? I used to be an archaeologist. I hate saying "used to", but I was and now I'm not. After getting my Master's degree at the University of Chicago, I eventually got a job in a museum and worked with lots of books, old artifacts, and cool stuff that only history nerds enjoy. Then the stork paid me and my husband a visit, and now I'm a mom. Once that happened, my whole career went crazy, and I haven't quite gotten a grip on it yet.

So, here I am. Indiana Joynes and the Temple of Motherhood.

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  1. congrats on your own blog...not sure if you can out do Sadie though :)


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