Saturday, January 17, 2009

Holy Mother of God is it cold!!!

For some stupid reason, Charlie and I decided it would be a great idea to go see if we could see Obama on his Whistle Stop tour running from Philadelphia to DC. Well, he went from Philadelphia to Baltimore, and did a brief stop in Edgewood, as you can see here:

We thought, "Hey, maybe they'll slow down at my stop that I take every day going into the city to Union Station. So, we bundled up, and tried to bundle up Sadie and walked to the train station, thinking that this would be a quick 30 minutes outside. Say hi to Obama and leave. We thought there would be big crowds, so we could avoid the traffic by walking there. Well, we waited, with a bunch of other people. And we waited. And Sadie started crying. And a woman offered her warm car to warm her up. She kept crying. And we waited. Finally, Charlie took Sadie home. Then rumor was they were having dinner and then going to DC. They finally left Baltimore at about 5:30, a full 60 minutes of when we thought they would be there (and all of us waiting were popsicles.) And after a couple of helicopters overhead, lots of police cars. and freezing outside in 12 degree weather for 2 hours.... the train flew right by. It was so dark, I don't even have a picture. And I think Sadie is really mad at us for making her go out in the cold. The only thing I could do was let her watch her Abby Cadabby DVD and give her some applesauce and crunchies. She eventually came around and gave me a big kiss.

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  1. Brave souls. I just watched on CNN, and enjoyed Anderson's banter.

    I didn't even bother to leave the apartment today. Too damn cold. I've had a VERY productive writing day...we'll chat about that tomorrow. ;)


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