Thursday, January 15, 2009

What will I find on tomorrow's commute?

If you want the little official ballot necklace, you can get it at Uncommon Goods for $38.

This morning's commute involved bomb-sniffing dogs and Secret Service. I come in through Union Station, which is also the arrival place of the President-Elect as he does his
whistle-stop tour on Saturday. I have come to accept the bizarre things I come across while doing my daily routine.

These are my favorites:
1. Rerouting due to a bomb scare.
2. Delays on the Metro due to a bomb scare or a broken train creating a mass block-up in the commuting routine. I had to yell at people once because I was 8 months pregnant and they were pushing.
3. Secret Service looking inconspicuous while wearing all black suits and little buds in their ears.
4. Famous people. You find them here there and everywhere. If you are friends with security, you can ask them who is the big cheese in the museum. This is how I found out about Michael Jackson w/unveiled kids, Angelina Jolie w/kids, Pearl Jam, Tom Brokaw (he's much taller than I thought), Laura Bush's birthday party, Dick Cheney, and the Chancellor of Austria all visiting our museums. You notice the earbuds, the suits (most people where jeans and t-shirts when they visit) and the hovering. That's the funny thing. The hovering. That's when you know SOMETHING is up.
5. The new Army recruits jogging around the National Mall at 8AM in their little Army green shorts in the summertime. I didn't realize 18 years old was so young, until I was about 30.
6. Accidentally running into the filming of a movie or tv show. That's happening more and more.

Today I'll be running around the National Mall checking on last minute stuff, and hopefully take a few pictures to document the pre-event vibe.

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