Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's 23 degrees outside.

Why do we do this Inauguration thing in January? I was sure there's some sort historical reason why. They used to have it in March (which really wasn't much better.) But why JANUARY?

Here's why... Congress decided there was too much wait time between November's Election Day and March's actual Inauguration. This wasn't a big deal in the early years, but it was a big problem for Lincoln (Civil War) and FDR (Great Depression) who were dealing with a huge crisis and had to wait 4 months to be sworn into office. So they modified it to January in 1933. But logistically, it's cold in DC in January.

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  1. Hey,thanks for visiting my blog and speaking your mind, I dont mind at all, I do it all of the time. :) And I am so sick of the cold. It is -11 out today!!!


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