Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm 5'8"...

...but my kid is quickly catching up on me. Sadie has been in the 95% for height since her first growth spurt. Usually, this isn't a big deal. Yeah, she's tall and we buy her bigger clothes. But she is about to turn two on March 27th and she's wearing at least a 3T. Again, no biggie. Our problem lies with the fact that she can reach practically anything in the house. We try to put things out of her reach on the kitchen counter, but then she goes on her tippy toes and snatches it. We'll put things on the bookshelf, but she can reach it when we aren't looking. She's the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar of toddlers. We'll think our stuff is safe, until we notice she is holding the exact thing we thought we hid away.

She can move furniture, turn on the computer, and she even figured out how the the portable DVD player works... which is amazing since we just got it for Christmas and monitor her time with it very closely. We used to try to contain her in the pack n' play, but then she would bounce from side to side like a professional wrestler and we thought she was going to tip it over. She was also reaching the point where she could swing one leg over and almost leverage herself outta there. And to think... our problems were only starting when she figured out how to do this:


  1. Thanks for stopping by - you know, alot of people are going for fore-arm. Hmmmm. I think I might be leaning that way now.

    My son was a climber like that as well (both my kids always wore clothes about a year bigger than their age)....I came around the corner once to check on his Cheerio consumption - he was in the high-chair) and he was standing on TOP of the back of the highchair picking at something on the wall. Sheesh.

  2. This brings back memories... my now 10 year old used to move chair when she was 2 in order to climb up on things. One day I walk into the dining room and she is dancing on the table. For awhile we actually kept all the dining room chairs on TOP of the dining room table.. so she couldn't use them for climbing adventures. Your daughter is very cute!


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