Friday, November 6, 2009

This is laughable....

This is an ad from the 1940's from an exhibit at the National Postal Museum called Victory Mail. Let's count all the things that are innaccurate (at least by today's standards) with this image. But while we have a laugh, remember those who are in the military both here and abroad, and are protecting our country at a great personal sacrifice.

The laughable parts of this ad are:

1. The baby is sleeping.
2. Heels! At Home. Really?
3. She's skinny. Like, right after having that baby. Makes me think she must adopted, or kidnapped the kid.
4. She's actually cooking. I don't have time to cook.
5. Her make-up looks good. If it's hot enough to have a fan, her make-up should be sliding off her face.
6. Nothing I own would fit in cupboards that size. Except maybe the pen she is writing with.
7. Nobody cooks in a cute dress like that. You'll get stuff on it. The apron just delays the inevitable.
8. Does anyone's hair shimmer in the light like that? If it does, please tell me what hair product you are using.
9. Things are running smoothly? You are so lying. Or sleeping with his best friend. This goes with the fact she's wearing a dress and heels. Who is she dressed to impress? Hmmmm.....after clicking on the image, you can read that the soldier's kid brother comes over and "helps her with the garden." No wonder the soldier's son (aka. NEPHEW) looks more like him every day.
10. She really wishes she had a air conditioner. But she won't write that in the letter.

Did I miss anything?

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  1. I'm also a little nervous that this 20 year old fan is going to fly off the counter and eat the baby... but that's just me.

    Great post!


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